Chistiane und Heiko in Beberach an der Riss

Chistiane und Heiko in Beberach an der Riss

Hochzeitsfotograf Biberach an der RissWhat a beautiful location to get Merried. The Villa Rot in Burgrieden-Rot. The Villa was built in 1912. After a long and interesting history today is the Villa a Museum.

This was the scenario where Christiane and Heiko choose to get married.

It was a long way for me to cross the Blak Forest and the Swabian Alb until I Arrived in Biberach an der riss the day before the wedding, but what a beautiful way driving.

Christiane and Heiko are a absolutely nice and lovely couple. They have being nice to me since the very first moment and they wrote me one of the nicest thank you words that I have gotten until today.

We got a lot of time to make the couple Photos, first a few in the Villa Rot and the most of them in the Baubar, a beautiful building whith an enormous and wonderful garden. The Baubar is managed for a couple of architects Nicola and Peter who organize such events as Wedding just for fun a few times per Year. The interior decoration is fantastic and the garden is full of surprises.

Well, what else should I write? It was a great wedding that I won’t forget.


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