Wedding lights in Durbach

Wedding lights in Durbach

With the photos of Ane Marit and Holger I did play a lot with backlight. I love backlight, it offers endless possibilities to play with the light. Of course isn’t easy to take this kind of pictures, but today’s Cameras offer an incredible big Dynamic and you have an enormous space to play in postproduction, a little of experience helps as well… where did I leaved it.

These Pictures here are the first Pictures that I show with a change in the way I edit them, a little more contrast, a little more inside, a little deeper, a little black correction to darker, wait a minute… so many “little” make probably a “much”. I will try this year to get closer to the people as well, closer to the couple, more 35mm or even 24mm, can you imagine the result with the 42mp of my camera, probably I will be able to see every single skin pore. Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t have to be a bad new. Of course, I will still continue using a lot my favorite lens, my 85mm, with this one it was already possible to see every single skin pore 😉

I got the last weeks a lot of ideas for this year weddings and can’t wait to start the high season to put them all into practice.


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