Wedding with Charm in Staufen in Breisgau

Wedding with Charm in Staufen in Breisgau

Sina and Florian, the Beauty and the Beard did decide to come back from Dusseldorf to the country side of south Germany where Florian crowed up, Staufen im Breisgau, close to Freiburg, exactly in Kerber straußi.

The guests came to the ceremony in a Tractor with trailer, some of them with very interesting and extravagant clothing that I haven’t seen before in a wedding.

After a small drink and some cake, we were all to the field, where the ceremony was going to happen, with many blocks of straw as place to sit down for everybody.

It was a very different wedding with a lot of charm.

I leave you here some Photos.


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Hochzeitsfotograf in Freiburg und Breisgau

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