Wedding lights in Durbach

With the photos of Ane Marit and Holger I did play a lot with backlight. I love backlight, it offers endless possibilities to play with the light. Of course isn’t easy to take this kind of pictures, but today’s Cameras offer an incredible big Dynamic […]

Member of the ISPWP

Since today I am proud to be a part of the very exclusive ISPWP, in my opinion one of the three most important Professional Wedding Photography association of the world together with the WPJA and the Fearlessphotographers to which I belong as well. Hier the […]

Wedding Photos in Gengenbach

From today on I’ll be writing the post in my blog and facebook page in English. Yes, I know what you are thinking, but my German isn’t really better so, come on, this way many more people can get crazy trying to understand what I’m […]